Hi – I am Robert Colledge the author of Medicine and Mission which I have been researching and writing since 2016. My book is sub-headed The Life and Interesting Times of a Nineteenth Century Pioneering Doctor so it is not simply a biography of Thomas Richardson Colledge but a journey through his era taking in social and political events which affected his life.

Astute readers will have noticed the similarity of surname, and, yes, Thomas was my great-great-grandfather.

I created this website to share with potential readers of Medicine and Mission something of the enthusiasm I felt when researching and writing it, and to provide something of a back story. 

Very few people knew about what I had written until this website was launched; and thankfully the book is now available on Amazon and Waterstones – search under ‘Robert Colledge’ to find the book.

I hope to achieve one of my goals of paying for the renovation of an oil painting of Thomas Richardson Colledge using some of the profits arising from the sale of my book.

Anyone who sees the link can follow it to the site and learn important and, I hope, interesting information about the characters and institutions featured in the story, as well as finding out how to purchase it!

Robert Colledge

October 2020